Fripp TV is a channel dedicated to providing both visitors and full time residents of Fripp, Harbor, and Hunting islands quality programming. Helping them maximize their time here, gain information about island events, see highlights from different island tournaments, and tours of the islands, real estate and surrounding area.

Our programming emphasizes the island lifestyle including valuable and timely information regarding island activities and events, public service announcements, local restaurants, surrounding area video postcards as well as real estate information.

Fripp Island boasts at least 800 full time residents, Harbor Island has about 70 full time resident homeowners plus several dozen full time lessees, and Hunting Island has about 30 full time residents and transitional residents all with access to Fripp TV Channel 7. The number of full time residents continues to grow as development continues on Fripp, Harbor and Hunting Islands. If you would like real estate or general information about Fripp or Harbor Islands, please call 843-838-2411 or visit Fripp Island Real Estate.

Fripp Island is a private gated island. Use of the amenities on Fripp Island are exclusive to members and guests of the Fripp Island Club. For more information regarding the amenities, contact the Fripp Island Resort at 800-845-4100.

We are always striving for ways to improve our viewer's experience.  If you have any comments, show ideas, or would just like to be on TV, we would love to hear from you. Please call us at 838-1200 or email us.

Feel free to come by our office.